Management Comittee

Section 6 states; '...the Management Committee shall be responsible for the management and control of the Fund and for carrying out such other duties as may be imposed on the management Committee by the Local Authorities Employees (Pension Scheme) (Management Committee) Rules, 1978 or any pension scheme'. Some of the functions of the Management Committee are delegated to the Chief Executive Officer who is assisted by the Fund's Secretariat, in the day-to-day administration of the Fund in accordance with the rules and policies laid down by the Trustees and in the framework of the regulatory provisions in place from time to time.

Member Nominated/Elected By Date Of Retirement
B Matengarufu, COP(IIZ), SAA, ICPPA, MBA Harare Municipality 2017
F. Chiomba, SAAA Harare Municipality 2017
E. Nyathi BCOM ACCT, EMBA Bulawayo Municipality 2020
E.N. Musara (Msc) Other Local Authorities 2018
R Kamhoti (B. Admin, MPA) Other Local Authorities 2018
M Mutero, ND Accounting Other Local Authorities 2018
T. Chideya A(IPTA) Other Local Authorities 2018
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