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Ill Health Retirement

It is important to refer t o the Rule Book( rule 16) to check on whether the member is eligible for an ill-health benefit before the termination forms (JF4 and JF8) are completed.

As a guide , in order for a member to qualify for this benefit , their pensionable service ( period of contributing to the Fund) must be at least ten years or if it is less than ten years but at least five years , the member must have attained at least age forty years.

The folllowing documents should be submitted to the Fund in respect of ill health retirements:

  • JF4 and JF8 forms fully completed with Local Authority official stamp.

  • Medical Board papers and doctor's letter recommending retirement on medical grounds.

  • In respect of married members , certified copy of marriage certificate or affidavit plus spouse's Identity card.In addition, certified copies of minor children's birth certificates ( those under 18 years or bethween 18 and 23 years if he/she is undergoing educational courses) must be submitted. In respect of dependent children undergoing educational courses , a letter from the scholl or college head is required.

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