Member joining forms and Rules

All Local Authority Employees who are under the age of 60 years are eligible

Before the member official joining form (JF2) is completed for any new member , it is important to refer to the Rule Book (Rule 4) to see whether the employee is eligible to join the Fund.

As a general guide , a member who has attained at least 16 years and is below the age of 60 years (Fund's normal retirement age) is eligible to join.

The following documents should be submitted to the Fund in respect of eligible new members:

-JF1 form fully completed and stamped with the Local Authority official stamp.

-JF2 form fully completed and stamped with the Local Authority official stamp acompanied by a certified copy of the identity card as proof of age.

N.B. : The fund accepts certified copies of National Identity Card , Long Birth Certificate , Passport (must bear member's photo and date of birth ) and Driver's Licence as proof of age.

The following, among other important sections, should be noted when completing the JF2 forms:

  • Name Of Local Authority - Insert the full name of your Local Authority.

  • Surname and First Name- The full surname and first name as shown on the member's Identity card must be inserted.

  • Date Of Birth - to be completed in full and ensure thet the correct date of birth is provided as reflected on the employees's Identity Card.

  • Employment Date- This is the date when the employee sterted workingfor the Local Authority.

  • Joining Date- This is the date on which the member started contributing to the Fund and must coincide with the date when contributions started to be deducted and remittes in respect of the member.

  • Annual Pensionable Emoluments- This is the annual salary as at the date of joining the fund.

  • Sex: Male or Female whichever is applicable.

  • Marital Status- Insert either Single,Divorced,Married or Widow or Widower, whichever is applicable.

  • Official Sign-off on Sections 21 to 23-All JF2 forms must be signed by an authorized Local Authority official and stamped with the offcial stamp.
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